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When our perspective changes,

our children will too



Our focus is to help parents and educators solve difficult behavioural issues.  Using positive tools and language, we create custom parenting plans suitable to the developmental stage of your child.  A Child’s Perspective encourages parents by working together to provide solutions to your individual needs.


Shannon is a mother of three with a degree in Theatre and Development. Shannon taught theatre, using it as a tool for the encouragement of personal growth and confidence in young students.  Upon completing the Child Behaviour Certification Program with The Early Years, Shannon acquired language and tools to help guide parents through communicating more effectively and positively with their children. Shannon’s message is, once we stop equating “misbehaving” with disrespect, we can transform our thoughts from problems and issues to those of teachable moments.,


Shannon is available for private consultations and group workshops.  Group workshops can be customized to your group size and personal needs.  Shannon is also available for in class observing and reporting. Each service is available to parents and educators.

Free 15 minute phone consult:  Book 15 minutes for answers to your immediate questions.



One hour consultations that take place in person or via Skype.  In these consults we discuss your specific questions and concerns. After each consult, a personalized recap will be sent to you highlighting our positive parenting tools and solutions. These may be used to tackle your most difficult behaviour concerns.



Workshops designed to examine hot topics and struggles anywhere from picky eaters to temper tantrums.  Workshops, with a group of 5+, can be customized to fit your needs.



Educators deal with many different issues simultaneously throughout their day. If you are concerned about your child’s behaviour at school, we offer the service of observing your child in their educational setting. Observations are noted in a detailed report and from there, suggestions can be made to work on the issue at hand. It should be noted that the child is not aware of the observation. In this manner, we have the opportunity to be “a fly on the wall” and learn what routines look like from the perspective of your child.

Shannon is my neighbour, so I may be a little bias. But the fact is, when my three minions drove me to the edges of insanity, Shannon was there to help me get a new perspective on the problems and more importantly, brought concrete solutions on how to fix the problem(s).
— Alex, neighbour and father of 3.
My husband and I had reached a breaking point when we realized we were spending most of our time disciplining our children. Our weekends were spent yelling and punishing, leaving everyone upset and miserable. I have known Shannon for years and I reached out to her for some advice. Shannon offered concrete, simple advice that was easy to follow. She was always available to answer questions and offer suggestions via text or email. We began to see results almost immediately. With Shannon’s help, we have become more relaxed and confident parents, and our home is a much happier place.
— Jessica, Mother of 2
I am a mother of four boys, all with their own needs and I needed help learning how to deal with each one individually. I felt defeated and needed to reach out for help. Shannon came to my rescue with helpful tips and guidance. She helped me and my husband with amazing resources and feedback, her detailed recap is something I still use to this day. Shannon is so passionate about her work and is meant for this. We truly believe Shannon has helped us become better parents by helping us shape our children’s behaviour.
— Amanda, Mother of 4
From the very first time I met Shannon I instantly felt her genuine interest and passionate approach to her work. Her tools are simple and yet incredibly effective. My daughter struggled with nightmares and after one session with her I was able to get to the root of the problem, she hasn’t had trouble sleeping since. Shannon truly believes in the process of guiding children with the positive parenting techniques and the tools she provides work.
— Emily, Mother of 2
I first met Shannon in 2016 as she was interested in learning more about positive parenting and applying the best methods she could in raising her three children. Her understanding and obvious passion was so exciting, Since that first day, we met several times because she always wanted to know more. I loved the way she came equipped with her questions and it was obvious that every detail really mattered to her. Her interest in child development and her ability to apply the many principles has been a privilege to see.

Her note taking and charts of appropriate methods were something I don’t often see and so when it was time to start the Child Behavior Certification Course, Shannon was an obvious choice.

Today Shannon is one of my most special “graduates” and even more importantly a valued colleague. I easily recommend her to work with parents in a variety of behavioral situations. She has the knowledge, the experience with her own children, is known in her community and has the passion and compassion that cannot be learned, it needs to simply be there and with Shannon, it is. We have worked on workshops together and I continue to be impressed with her work.

I am so grateful to be a part of her life and journey with her as behavior specialists.
— Sharyn Timerman\Behavior Specialist and Parent Coach The Early Years Inc.